Thesis Night

Thesis Night

Hello Everybody! 

As most of you know, last semester I worked on a project called Thesis. For those of you who did't hear about it everyday, here's what it's all about. Every year the second years in the Photographic Technology program create a series of images that relate to one overall theme. We have all semester to work on it and then in February, we bring down our friends and family to NAIT's Shaw Theatre and show everyone what we've been working so hard on. 

For my thesis, I picked to do a timeline of a girl's life. From newborn portraits all the way to The End. I chose this topic, because I really enjoy Lifestyle Photography and because I thought it's really cool to document people's lives and see how they change and grow over the years. 

I missed some important events, but overall I'm very happy with how it turned out! I hope you enjoy it as well! 

A very big THANK YOU to my models, y'all were amazing! I also wanted to thank my aunt who let me come and use her house multiple times for thesis and when I asked her, not only did she say yes but; Yes! I'll make cookies! And to all my friends, family, my classmates, instructors, and my wonderful boy. All of who helped me and pushed me all semester so this would turn out the way it did! 

Well here it is!