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Yellowstone Road Trip | Part 2: Yellowstone National Park

Hello! Happy Friday! 

I'm finally taking a break in sharing awesome sessions to show you the rest of my pictures from our road trip back in June. 

So, in my mind, when we booked this trip to Yellowstone. I had pictured essentially a park like our National parks in Alberta, just with some cool thermal features. That's definitely not what we got. The outskirts of the park have giant mountain ranges, then as you get closer to the centre you get less mountains and more prairies. To the point where a large herd of plains buffalo live in the middle of the park. But why you ask? The giant Caldera (I learned that it is not in fact a volcano which was a little disappointing), lives under the flat park of the park. So when it erupted centuries ago, it wiped out the mountain ranges that used to stand where there are only fields today. Which is insane. 

The thermal features in the park were crazy cool. in some places the ground was actually so hot that it would melt your shoes so they had to build boardwalks so you can go see some geysers explode. The heat didn't stop the buffalo though. They enjoyed napping on the steaming ground. 

If you like road trips and cool natural phenomenons, go check out Yellowstone National Park. I promise it's awesome. 

(Also there's a mamma bear and her cub in the first photo!)