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Travel Photography | Halifax, Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg

Happy Friday!!

In May, Adam and I flew to the maritimes to explore the east coast! I split the images into 3 posts so enjoy part 1!

For the biggest city in the maritime provinces, Halifax was pretty tiny. We walked everywhere! The history in this city was incredible. There were gravestones and churches that were dated as far back as 1715!

My FAVOURITE place was Peggy’s Cove. One of our days in Halifax, we rented a little tiny car and drove out to Peggy’s Cove. The locals told us that on really windy days, the water splashes up so high the water is taller than the lighthouse! We weren't that lucky to see that but it was still an amazing place! Especially to watch the sunset!

After visiting Peggy’s Cove, we took our time driving down the coast to a small little fishing town and historical site! Lunenburg was beautiful! All the house and buildings were different colors so the sailors could find home in the fog!


Yellowstone Road Trip | Part 2: Yellowstone National Park

Hello! Happy Friday! 

I'm finally taking a break in sharing awesome sessions to show you the rest of my pictures from our road trip back in June. 

So, in my mind, when we booked this trip to Yellowstone. I had pictured essentially a park like our National parks in Alberta, just with some cool thermal features. That's definitely not what we got. The outskirts of the park have giant mountain ranges, then as you get closer to the centre you get less mountains and more prairies. To the point where a large herd of plains buffalo live in the middle of the park. But why you ask? The giant Caldera (I learned that it is not in fact a volcano which was a little disappointing), lives under the flat park of the park. So when it erupted centuries ago, it wiped out the mountain ranges that used to stand where there are only fields today. Which is insane. 

The thermal features in the park were crazy cool. in some places the ground was actually so hot that it would melt your shoes so they had to build boardwalks so you can go see some geysers explode. The heat didn't stop the buffalo though. They enjoyed napping on the steaming ground. 

If you like road trips and cool natural phenomenons, go check out Yellowstone National Park. I promise it's awesome. 

(Also there's a mamma bear and her cub in the first photo!) 


Yellowstone Road Trip | Part 1: Waterton Lakes National Park

Happy Friday Friends! 

This summer Adam and I ventured down through Jasper and then down to Waterton and finally into Yellowstone National Park. I didn't even take any pictures in Jasper because to be honest, the weather was miserable. The rain didn't let up once in 3 days and on our last night it hit -1 overnight. Which would have been fine, if we weren't in a tent. But I mean it was June, so I wasn't exactly expecting temperatures that low. Or snow. I also wasn't expecting it to snow. But, I was still in our Rockies so not even record rainfall could make me want to go home. <3 

Once we hit Waterton the weather improved a lot and you can see with all the sunshine in the photos! This was my first visit to Waterton and I was seriously impressed with the wind down there. If you've ever been you know what I'm talking about. 

Waterton is beautiful and the cutest small town you'll ever visit. 



Edmonton Travel Photography | The Rockies


The mountains is one of my favourite places to go! I usually don't get the chance to head down there much, but this summer I went down 4 times! Two of those times were for weddings (don't worry, you'll see those pictures later), and the other two were getaways for me! 

The first time I went down, I went camping with my boy! I had never done the self-sufficient make breakfast on a tiny propane stove, type of camping before so it was quite the adventure for me! Our second day there we hiked up sulphur mountain, and of course i hiked up with my camera bag. It seemed like a bad idea about 20 minutes into the hike, but it was totally worth it!

Later in August, I drove down to Jasper to spend the day there with my family! I taught my dad how to use my DSLR, we hiked and I played with long exposure to take pictures of all the gorgeous waterfalls! As per tradition we ended the day with Jasper's Pizza and the fudge store! :) 

I truly had a wonderful summer and am so thankful for all these wonderful people in my life! :) 

Go take a look at the photos I took during my time in the Rockies!