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Yellowstone Road Trip | Part 1: Waterton Lakes National Park

Happy Friday Friends! 

This summer Adam and I ventured down through Jasper and then down to Waterton and finally into Yellowstone National Park. I didn't even take any pictures in Jasper because to be honest, the weather was miserable. The rain didn't let up once in 3 days and on our last night it hit -1 overnight. Which would have been fine, if we weren't in a tent. But I mean it was June, so I wasn't exactly expecting temperatures that low. Or snow. I also wasn't expecting it to snow. But, I was still in our Rockies so not even record rainfall could make me want to go home. <3 

Once we hit Waterton the weather improved a lot and you can see with all the sunshine in the photos! This was my first visit to Waterton and I was seriously impressed with the wind down there. If you've ever been you know what I'm talking about. 

Waterton is beautiful and the cutest small town you'll ever visit.