Banff Surprise Proposal Photography | Sam and Erica

Happy Friday! 

As I was getting ready for Sam and Erica's engagment session this weekend, I realized I never blogged their surprise proposal! With this crazy heat wave we have right now, I thought it would be a great time to blog a snowy session. 

Sam came to me a few weeks before he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Erica. He asked if I would be willing to drive down to Banff to capture this special moment in their lives. Of course I couldn't turn down an offer that included a surprise proposal and mountains! 


Personal Blog Post | Banff Dogsledding


In honour of the cold snap that's come to visit us, I thought I'd post about my dogsledding trip last winter. Last winter, I know I'm sorry! There's just been so many wonderful sessions I wanted to blog! 

Last February, my family and I drove down to Banff to go on a dogsledding tour. They trucked us up a mountain, almost as far as you can go by car, to a frozen lake. The dogs were waiting for us there all hooked up and ready to go! If you're looking at the images and thinking hey these aren't huskies! They are! They're just Alaskan Huskies, not the typical large fluffy dogs we associate with the breed. The dogs were so excited to get going they couldn't sit still the until we left. 

Once on the lake, the conditions changed from a mild snowstorm to whiteout conditions. These pups knew their trails so well they took us the full length of the ride and safely back home. I would hole heartedly recommend this to anyone looking for something a little different to do in the mountains! Go have a look at some of the pictures I took! 

Stay warm! 


Edmonton Travel Photography | The Rockies


The mountains is one of my favourite places to go! I usually don't get the chance to head down there much, but this summer I went down 4 times! Two of those times were for weddings (don't worry, you'll see those pictures later), and the other two were getaways for me! 

The first time I went down, I went camping with my boy! I had never done the self-sufficient make breakfast on a tiny propane stove, type of camping before so it was quite the adventure for me! Our second day there we hiked up sulphur mountain, and of course i hiked up with my camera bag. It seemed like a bad idea about 20 minutes into the hike, but it was totally worth it!

Later in August, I drove down to Jasper to spend the day there with my family! I taught my dad how to use my DSLR, we hiked and I played with long exposure to take pictures of all the gorgeous waterfalls! As per tradition we ended the day with Jasper's Pizza and the fudge store! :) 

I truly had a wonderful summer and am so thankful for all these wonderful people in my life! :) 

Go take a look at the photos I took during my time in the Rockies!